Construction Update

Getting closer to the finish.

It is hard to believe that just two months ago there was only the charred husk of the home of an Air Force veteran where this beautiful home now exists. All structural work has been completed. Follow us on Facebook for up to the minute posting on the projects's completion.

Construction Update

Carpenter's Union gives back.

So thankful for the Carpenter's Union to donate their time and services to the project on May 13th, 2017. They came and finished everything within a few hours. Just goes to show you how many hands can make light work when giving back to the community.

A Special Visitor

Carol Shea-Porter comes for a visit.

A true friend of the veterans in the Granite State, Carol Shea-Porter, came to the worksite to visit with our veteran and some of the Board to showcase what grassroots efforts can do for vets.

Dueling Pianos Event

What A Night!

Through the combined efforts of everyone involved and in attendance as well as our auction, we where able to raise more than $22,000 for the DVAF!

A Special Thank You

Thank you to both The Derry Rotary Club and The Derry Village Rotary Club for joining up to help us host this event! Also, a special thank you to Scott Hayward of Tupelo's Music Hall for donating the use of the facility for such an amazing cause!

Share Your Photos & Video!

We are still looking for more photos of the event if you have any you can email them directly to